8 Steps to China

On 5th of August the AME together with the Confucius Institute of the University of Vienna headed by Univ. Prof. Richard Trappl invited people of all ages to practical workshops about the world-famous and traditional culture of China.

The 8 workshops introduced the participants to the Chinese culture and society. In entertaining sessions the participants gained insights and knowledge in special facets of traditional Chinese culture. 

The topics were:

  • Chinese Cultural History
  • Chinese Literature (Univ. Prof. Dr. Richard Trappl)
  • Chinese language
  • traditional Chinese paper cuts (Shi Jiani)
  • Chinese painting and calligraphy (Zhao Yusheng)
  • Tea ceremony (Padraig Lysaght) with musical assistance (Wang Ming)
  • Taiji (Lan Huiling)

The last step was especially impressive as Univ. Prof Richard Trappl presented poems from well-known Chinese dynasties and showed the participants the long connection between ancient history and contemporary literature. The thoughts and ideas were reflected in an impressive way by Wang Ming on the traditional Guzhang.