Scenes from Childhood - Intercultural Book (German, English, Chinese)

A book about discovering music and their related arts.

The Children's Scenes Op. 15 by Robert Schumann provide a high amount of poetry, while listening to this music, the curiosity of children is awakened to the aesthetic particular, they discover the world of music and their related arts of literature and painting and immerse themselves in fantastic worlds. Humorous, unusual, hopeful and tranquil are the dream worlds and fantasy stories of Schumann's music, expressed by intertwined melodies and delicate harmonic twists. We have invited piano students from China and Austria to express their feelings and thoughts while listening to this music in texts and pictures. Children carry pictures, find through painting and drawing an imaginative relationship to this music, tell personal stories and become thereby in their piano playing creative performers. Their natural imagination, characterized by different living environments in Asia and Europe, leads to the wonderful insights in „Children scenes“ from two different continents collected in this book.

This project centered around Robert Schumanns music "Scenes from childhood" set a focus on all art topics related to the interculturality and intermediality of the AME curriculum. With this project we raised awareness on cultural diversity as well as on cultural similarity by letting children from the Chinese Mega cities of Suzhou and Wuxi in China and children of the small town of Bad Goisern in Austria draw to the 13 pieces of Schumanns music their own "scenes from childhood". The drawings had then be showcased at two live concerts and installations during Schumanns "Scenes of Childhood" performed by the AME pianist Dr. Brugger at the well attended performances in Suzhou and Wuxi.

Impressions of the book


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Making of and impressions of the concert in China: