Scenes of Childhood - Intercultural Concert and Book Project

This project centered around Robert Schumanns music “Scenes from childhood” set a focus on all art topics related to the interculturality  and intermediality of the AME curriculum. With this project we raised awareness on cultural diversity as well as on cultural similarity by letting children from the Chinese Mega cities of Suzhou and Wuxi in China and children of the small town of Bad Goisern in Austria draw to the 13 pieces of Schumanns music their own “scenes from childhood” . 

The drawings had then be showcased at two live concerts and installations during Schumanns “Scenes of Childhood” performed by the AME pianist Dr. Brugger at the well attended performances in Suzhou and Wuxi.

After the concerts the children attending the concert got the chance to draw their own “Scene of childhood” and - as it was the easter weekend - were presented by a small easter gift from Austria.


We would like to thank Mrs. Guo from GD Music School Suzhou and Mrs. Tien from Boke Music School Wuxi for the nice project cooperation and organization. 


For more information about the book click here