Eisklang concerts

The young students Felix and Nico of the Gymnasium Bad Ischl describe their first Eisklang participation:

The premiere of the „Eisklang“ concerts was a huge success and created a great musical experience for all participants.  In the „Parzivaldom“ of the ice cave at 0 degree celsius star soprano singer Eva Lind, who is known for her appearances on stage with famous artists like Plácido Domingo, José Carras and Udo Jürgens, the colourful and world famous piccolo trumpeter Otto Sauter as well as Peter Brugger on the piano provided reflective sounds and goosebumps in the audience. They were accompanied by Franz Wagnermeyer on the trumpet and pianist Robert Kovac. The concert programm contained various compositions from Händel and Bach as well as exquisit baroque arias. After the concert the audience made their way towards the Schönbergalm under heavy rain and mystic atmosphere, where a buffet was waiting.

Every year in august the ice cave on the Dachstein turns into a unique concert hall. World famous musicians thrill their audiences with wonderful sounds in a very special environment. The concert row „Eisklang“ offers a unique acoustic and visual experience in the Dachstein ice cave.